Meet Kira! Our new escort. This girl is a professional model, she was working for a long time for the best model agencies in Moscow. Kira admits that she was really tired of publicity, she wanted to find a job where she could like men, to give them pleasure, but at the same time be herself. A job in Moscow escort gave her such an opportunity. Despite the fact that Kira is working in our escort agency relatively recently, she has already formed her own client base. There are a lot of admirers of her cold, calm beauty. A haughty look of these dark eyes fascinates and the beauty of the curves of her body makes you forget everything. In bed with such an escort you will feel like spending the time with a real queen. Her movements are smooth and unhurried, she knows exactly what needs to be done to please the guest. Kira will not silly giggle and just wait, like many girls do, she will offer you a little drink and do all the affectionate work herself. As soon as you feel her lips on your skin, you will understand what real pleasure is. To meet this hot Russian escort, just call Moscow escort or text to us at Whatsapp!

Age: 22
Height: 168
Breast: 2
Our price
  • 1 Hour 200$
  • 1.5 Hours 250$
  • 2 Hours 300$
Girl sevice
  • gfe
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